Community Resources

There are loads of people making great content for Marvel: Crisis Protocol. Here is a compilation of the ones I’ve found so far. Let me know if there are more I should add!


Across the Bifrost is a podcast for those looking to level up their MCP game, and have fun while doing so. Each week Pat and TT go over tips, tricks, and dive deep into Marvel Crisis Protocol to help you improve your game play.

Avengers Crisis Team has put out a few episodes at wide intervals.

Beer Protocol is a weekly(ish) video/podcast where the BeerThralls go over new character, tactics, and all things Marvel: Crisis Protocol. We focus on some competitive play but mostly just geeking out over the new shiny.

The Danger Room features Dyzard (organiser of the online league), Sploosh (serial finalist in the online league) and Jacob (from, er, here!). We look at things from a broader viewpoint, looking to help you improve your game no matter which affiliation or models you play.

Fury’s Finest puts out regular content, covering one character at a time including a deep dive in their comic lore and MCU appearances.

House Party Protocol presents a new-player friendly look at the game. Covering a range of topics with regular guests.

Infamous: A table top gaming podcast focused on Marvel: Crisis Protocol. We talk about the game as well as all things Marvel and Table Top Gaming. We don’t think we are the bad guys, but we know we are not the Good ones.

Les Merveilleux is a podcast, dedicated to the game we all love; fair warning it’s in French. They are three seasoned gamers, trying to look at the competitive side of things! If you understand french go have a listen!

Omnus Protocol aims to mirror the feeling of a relaxed but in depth post game discussion on a game night. The host Charles (Omnus) focuses on the tactical intricacies of Marvel: Crisis Protocol with help from a revolving cast of guests from throughout the gaming community.

Paintbrush and Dice is a podcast that talks about tabletop wargaming, the hobby of miniature model painting and terrain-building for beginners. Each episode features a segment called “Marvel Crisis Tactics” where host Sam Rivera and his colleague Chris Velez discuss tactics and strategies to help those new to or still learning the game.

Recalibration Matrix is a weekly podcast that focuses on a comic character. Half of the podcast will be about gameplay for the character in Marvel: Crisis Protocol. The other half of the podcast is about a comic book story arc that highlights the character. They also have a weekly bonus episode available for their Patreon backers.

Strike Better is focused on competitive strategies, roster construction, and in depth discussion of how to improve your skills at the game.

Turn ZER0 gaming are a group of friends discussing the game from a competitive viewpoint. They also produce some articles.


Blackfyre Productions produce some great videos, including battle reports. They started covering another Marvel miniatures game, but switch to Crisis Protocol from Episode 52.

Guerrilla Miniature Games has some battle reports videoed at tabletop level.

Hidden Base Games

Mini fights is a new YouTube channel that creates voiced-over shortform battle reports and other content for MCP.

Omnus Protocol focuses on analyzing M:CP tactical maneuvers and game play, while it also releases hobby content to help the visual experience for players.

The Gamer’s Guild is a channel dedicated to reviews, tactic discussions, and battle reports for Marvel Crisis Protocol.

Epic Duck Studios does painting tutorials for M:CP

Sorastro’s Painting is a YouTube channel which is focused on delivering high-quality miniature painting tutorials designed to help beginner to intermediate painters. They tend to focus on a small number of games that they are most passionate about painting in order to enjoy a more thematic experience when actually playing, and Marvel: Crisis Protocol has fast become one of their favourite miniature games!

Here you can find a playlist of the Marvel: Crisis Protocol videos they’ve produced so far, and if you’re interested in how they built the scenery, there’s a video for that too which you can watch here. Finally, they will also be covering some of the figures as PDF guides which you can find at – such as this one which covers Spider Man.


Coaxium Gaming is a multi game content site. Our resident Marvel: Crisis Protocol expert, Ryan Young, pens the Crisis Response column where he brings us details and insight into the team he’s currently playing, along with detailed thoughts on how to approach opposing matchups.

Inspiring Monolgue: a blog about Marvel: Crisis Protocol covering game rules, tactics, gameplay and character summaries.

Mike Meeple creates step by step written painting tutorials on his blog for Marvel: Crisis Protocol among other games. His painting tutorials focus on the beginner painter who’s never picked up a brush before, and are designed to get everyone painting their miniatures to a tabletop standard as easily as possible.

Old School Protocol does battle reports in the style of old White Dwarf battle reports. Pictures with arrows and pows showing each activation as the games unfurls.