Xavier Protocols Invitational Rosters

Rosters are in for the Xavier Protocols Invitational. Eight of the best players in the world, and here is what they think is best in the Battle Realm format.


There is, ahem, some crossover between the eight rosters. I’ve presented them below arranged with the 16 most taken characters in a row each to allow an easy comparison across the rosters.

Morgan ReidPat DunfordTravis FossSoonerSplooshEsmondMerzainUtility Cookie
Black PantherBlack PantherBlack PantherBlack PantherBlack PantherBlack PantherBlack Panther
Black WidowBlack WidowBlack WidowBlack WidowBlack WidowBlack Widow
Baron ZemoBaron ZemoBaron ZemoBaron Zemo
LokiBeastLockjawCaptain MarvelMystiqueCrystal
MagnetoMystiqueRed Skull
MystiqueNebulaSpider-Man (Miles)
Red SkullSpider-Man (Miles)
Rocket Racoon

Well… there’s a clear trend here. Wakanda: good. Got it. The fact that five characters made in to every roster, and four more made it in to seven of the eight implies that there is broad agreement amongst the best players what the best battle realms roster looks like. Not complete agreement, as Travis appears to be playing a solo Wakanda roster, though I guess leaderless Asgard or Cabal is an option, and Morgan didn’t choose to include Black Panther

So rather than talking more about how similar the rosters are, I think it’ll be interesting to see if this means the format lends itself to competitive play due to how similar the lists are: does it allow more space individual skill to win out? Another element will be if the games are less interesting to watch: if Utility Cookie ends up playing Sploosh in round 2, will the exact mirror match of characters make it more or less enjoyable to watch? Maybe different crises being chosen might make similar rosters different, but with the way crises are selected, and choosing 5 from a small pool, I suspect this isn’t as big a factor as the characters selected. Speaking of which:

MorganPatTravisSoonerSplooshEsmondMerzainUtility Cookie
Gamma WaveGamma WaveGamma WaveGamma WaveGamma Waves Gamma Waves Gamma WaveGamma Waves
Infinity FormulaInfinity ForumlaInfinity FormulaInfinity ForumlaInfinity Formula Infinity Formula Infinity Formula
Demon DowntownDemons DowntownDemons DowntownDemons Downtown Demons Downtown Demons DowntownDemons Downtown
Deadly MeteorsDeadly MeteorsDeadly MeteorsDeadly Meteors Deadly Meteors Deadly Meteors
Terrigen CloudTerrigen CloudsTerrigen Clouds
Mutant MadmenMayor FiskMutant Madmen Cosmic Vaults
MorganPatTravisSoonerSplooshEsmondMerzainUtility Cookie
Fear GripsFear GripsFear GripsFear GripsFear GripsFear GripsFear GripsFear Grips
Panic GripsPanic GripsPanic GripsPanic GripsPanic GripsPanic Grips
Wakandan HerbWakandan HerbWakandan HerbWakandan Herb
Spider infectedSpider infectedSpider infectedSpider Infected
Alien ShipAlien ShipAlien Ship

Less variety in the extracts: looks like competitive players really don’t like randomness in their extracts.

Part of the point of this mini-tournament was to look at list diversity in high level play. I think the results speak for themselves, but it’s up to the community if that’s a good thing or bad thing.

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