Season 3 Top 16 stats

We’ve got down to crunch time in season 3: the top 16 players have submitted their rosters for the final knock-out stages. Let’s see what has risen to the top at the moment.


A really even split! Half of finalists taking a solo affiliation and the other half going multi.

Crime Syndicate213%
Guardians of the Galaxy213%
Web Warriors213%
Black Order16%

A few people have been saying for a while that the competitive scene has been sleeping on Wakanda. No longer! Maybe it’s the banned and restricted list that hasn’t impacted them much at all, or how good their characters are in loads of other affiliations, but there’s going to be a lot of pushing and shoving going on in the top 16. Two of those seven picks are solo Wakanda, with the other five being brought as part of a multi-affiliation roster.

Defenders are a strong and versatile faction, with a good showing. Four rosters are running both Defenders and Wakanda, with one of those also slotting in Crime Syndicate. Every faction apart from Spider Foes has some representation in the top ranks – a really healthy sign for the game!

Black Panther744%
Dr. Strange744%
Ghost Spider638%
Spider-Man (Miles Morales)531%
Black Widow425%
Baron Zemo319%
Infinity Gem: Soul319%
Rocket Raccoon319%
Proxima Midnight319%
Corvus Glaive213%
Drax the Destroyer213%
Ghost Rider213%
Infinity Gem: Mind213%
Red Skull213%
Black Dwarf16%
Captain America16%
Green Goblin16%
Infinity Gem: Power16%
Infinity Gem: Reality16%
Ronan the Accuser16%
Spider-Man (Peter Parker)16%

Valkyrie and M.O.D.O.K. have long been heralded as some of the best characters in the game, so I’m not surprised to see them at the top. Having the four Wakandans in the next 5 characters after that reflects not only how good the affiliation is, but how good they are individually. I expected that Crime Syndicate may have given Killmonger a little bump in popularity, but the only Syndicate list he makes is one also featuring Wakanda. There’s a lot to dig in to there, but one surprise for me was with four Defenders and one Defenders/Avengers, Hawkeye only got taken twice. I was less surprised to see Corvus and Proxima tumble down the lists.

Team Tactics CardTaken%
Field Dressing*1488%
All You’ve Got956%
A.I.M Lackeys744%
Advanced R&D744%
Usurp the Throne744%
Wakanda Forever744%
Brace for Impact*531%
Seven Suns of Cinnabons425%
Extreme Conditioning319%
Lethal Protector319%
Marked for Death319%
All Webbed Up213%
Blind Obsession213%
Climbing Gear213%
Cosmic Invigoration213%
Deadly Duo213%
No Matter the Cost213%
Odin’s Blessing213%
Recalibration Matrix213%
Shadow Organization213%
Sibling Rivalry213%
Tactical Analysis213%
We are Groot213%
Pentagram of Farallah213%
Avengers Assemble16%
Blood to Spare16%
Crew of the Milano16%
Doomed Prophecy*16%
Highway to Hell16%
Hired Muscle16%
Patch Up*16%
Psychic Fortress16%
Trip Up16%
Vibranium Shielding16%

Well, we have winners for most taken restricted cards – though we are less than week from it’s announcement, so ideas may shift over time. Field Dressing is only missing from two rosters, with Medpack not far behind it. It may be that the prevelence of Field Dressing is due to All You’ve Got not making it on to the restricted list – that may be something the developers keep an eye on in the future. All five restricted cards have been taken at least once, so again it’s nice to see that even here there is a bit of balance. It is interesting to see that Seven Sun of Cinnabus appears to be the favoured Defenders affiliated card, with four out of five taking it, where Pentagrams of Farallah only makes it in to one roster.

Gamma Wave Sweeps Across Midwest1063%
Demons Downtown! Has our Comeuppance come due?850%
Infinity Formula Goes Missing!744%
Riots Spark Over Extremis 3.0744%
Portals Overrun City With Spider-People!325%
Deadly Meteors Mutate Civilians425%
Mayor Fisk Vows To Find Missing Witnesses425%
Cosmic Invasion! Black Order Sweeps Across Earth325%

Gamma Wave is popular. Wakanda is popular. It’s not hard to see a correlation. Only one Wakandan roster isn’t running Gamma Waves. I was expecting more Demons, but I thought it would be Defenders pushing it: only two of the five Defenders rosters are bringing it. A really nice spread at the bottom means a good diversity is still going in secures.

Panic Grips City as Evacuation Efforts Continue!1063%
Fear Grips World as “Worthy” Terrorize Cities956%
Struggle for the Cube Continues850%
Spider-Infected Invade Manhattan638%
The Montesi Formula Found638%
Mystic Wakanda Herbs: Fact or Fiction531%
Alien Ship Crashes in Downtown!213%
Skrulls Infiltrate World Leadership213%

Citizens and Hammers remain the most popular, but with a slight edge towards Citizens. The random chance extracts remain unpopular, but that means those banking on them might be able to take advantage.

Roster Spotlight

There are some really good rosters submitted, but one really caught my eye: JZuccollo’s

CharactersTactics CardsCrises
Ghost SpiderA.I.M LackeysDeadly Meteors Mutate Civilians
HelaAdvanced R&DDemons Downtown! Has our Comeuppance come due?
M.O.D.O.KAll Webbed UpInfinity Formula Goes Missing!
OkoyeAll You’ve GotFear Grips World as “Worthy” Terrorize Cities
PunisherDoomed Prophecy*Mystic Wakanda Herbs: Fact or Fiction
ShuriField Dressing*Struggle for the Cube Continues
Spider-Man (Miles Morales)Lethal Protector
ThorOdin’s Blessing

I like the mix of Asgard and Web Warriors. The lack of Medpack or Patch Up is bold, but there are plenty of defensive cards. It looks like a list that can play control and pivot into damage dealing if it needs to swap to be the Beatdown. It doesn’t really have a specific weakness in crises it doesn’t want to see, as faster, wider or lower threat crises, you can run Web Warriors but in slower, narrower or higher threat crises Asgard can play a great game. JZuccollo, I tip my hat you.

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