Pin Cushion

With Bullseye’s card being shown, I thought it would be worth running the maths on how good his Pin Cushion spender attack is.

As with Automatic Pistol on Agent Widow, to compare two separate attacks and give a sensible comparator, you need to run it through a few different scenarios of defence to give an idea of how it performs in a range of situations.

First up, a regular 3 defense:

It mirrors and 8 dice attack pretty closely.

Next, a 4 defense:

Again, pretty close to 8 dice – certainly closer to 8 dice than 7.

Next a tough character like Cap or Black Panther with 4 physical defense and counting blanks:

Now it mirrors 7 dice pretty darned closely.

Finally, against everyone’s (least) favourite giant-head-inna-chair, M.O.D.O.K. with his 2 physical defense but counting wilds on attacks as blanks:

I never miss adds an interesting wrinkle in to the maths. If you have an additional two power on top of the 4 needed for Pin Cushion it amps up the odds even further. And you only spend the power if you don’t get at least one damage through.

In all of these, the chances of 1+ and 2+ damage go to 100%. At those damage levels it will obviously be significantly better than attack you could make. In the below comparisons it’s looking at 3+ damage and upwards.

Against 3 def, what was mirroring 8 dice improves a bit.

Against 4 def what was a shade under 4 dice gets loads better – around the equivalent of 10 dice

Against 4 def blanks count, it goes from 7 dice to a shade above 8.

So as a rough rule of thumb, Pin Cushion is roughly an 8 dice attack. It compares pretty well with Crossbones and Hulk who both pay 4 to get an 8 dice attack. Maybe you might say that those aren’t well-played characters currently, but they are probably the best comparators for this attack.

A corollary conclusion is that Bullseye will – unsurprisingly – get most mileage out of I Never Miss against higher defense dicepool characters: Asgard and Defenders (due to the presence of Doctor Strange) are two affiliations in particular that springs to mind for Bullseye to excel against.


  1. Hi.
    When adding the “I never miss” superpower, why are the 3+, 4+, 5+ etc. damage chances not the exact same as before? Am I missing something? – The dice should roll the same whether i intend to use a superpower afterwards, right? 🙂


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