New Hotness, new data

The online league has had it’s mid-point roster change. Of the 130 odd players, 104 submitted a new roster. Here’s the breakdown of what people are taking right now.

First: affiliations. For the first time, people were asked which affiliations they classified their rosters as, giving us much more surety on how players are viewing their own rosters. There is still a split between single and dual affiliation roster, with a strong preference for dual. A few have chosen to try triple affiliation rosters.

Number of affiliations%

The Defenders are out and people are playing them! Web warriors are still riding the wave of their recent release, and Avengers are relatively evergreen. The others are in a very tight band of similarity.

Web Warriors27%
Black Order11%
Spider Foes10%
Guardians of the Galaxy10%

That high popularity of Defenders has had a big effect on the spread of characters. Valkyrie, already a popular choice, is now by far the most taken character, followed by Hawkeye and Dr. Strange. Miles is also up high, above evergreen characters alike Thor and Shuri. Vision saw a decent bump up, possibly from people wanting to put out a Mystic Hex Beam from the Defender’s leadership. Hulk has rocketed up too. Suddenly the Soul Gem is by far the most popular gem, due to Dr. Strange, no doubt. Ant Man seems to get the nod a lot over Wasp from the other new pack. The only option nobody took was the Space Gem.

Dr. Strange43%
Spider-Man (Miles Morales)39%
Ghost Rider35%
Ghost Spider34%
Black Panther30%
Infinity Gem: Soul30%
Black Widow23%
Captain America23%
Spider-Man (Peter Parker)21%
Baron Zemo19%
Rocket Raccoon17%
Infinity Gem: Reality14%
Corvus Glaive13%
Green Goblin13%
Infinity Gem: Mind13%
Proxima Midnight13%
Agent Widow13%
Drax the Destroyer11%
Doctor Octopus10%
Ronan the Accuser10%
Infinity Gem: Power9%
Red Skull9%
Captain Marvel8%
Iron Man6%
Ebony Maw5%
Black Dwarf4%
Ininity Gem: Time3%
Winter Soldier2%
Infinity Gem: Space0%

For team tactics cards, there aren’t many surprises at the top. All You’ve Got appears to be becoming a new staple, and Advanced R&D has become a bit more popular too. Despite having a huge range of possible team tactics cards, only 9 of them were never taken.

Brace for Impact82%
Field Dressing77%
Drop Off60%
All You’ve Got50%
Advanced R&D30%
Deal with the Devil27%
Lethal Protector27%
Odin’s Blessing25%
All Webbed Up24%
Patch Up22%
Avengers Assemble18%
Doomed Prophecy18%
Seven Suns of Cinnabons15%
Pentagram of Farallah14%
A.I.M Lackeys13%
Rocket Boots?!13%
Sibling Rivalry13%
Wakanda Forever13%
Usurp the Throne11%
No Matter the Cost10%
Blind Obsession9%
Gamma Launch9%
Cosmic Invigoration8%
Highway to Hell8%
Well-Laid Plans8%
Crew of the Milano7%
Pym Particles7%
Blood to Spare6%
Deadly Duo6%
Mission Objective6%
Marked for Death5%
Web Barrier5%
Recalibration Matrix4%
We are Groot4%
Battle Lust3%
Follow Me3%
Psychic Shielding Device (P.S.D.)3%
Second Wind3%
Tactical Analysis3%
Heavy Firepower2%
Trip Up2%
Dark Reign1%
Daughters of Thanos1%
Face Me1%
Inspiring Monologue1%
One-Two Punch1%
Power of the Cosmos1%
Price of Failure1%
Seeing Red1%
The Age of Ultron1%
Vapors of Valtorr1%
Anger Management0%
Escort to Safety0%
Heave Ho0%
Psychic Fortress0%
Ricochet Blast0%
Till the End of the Line0%
Unearthly Rage0%
Uneasy Allies0%
Vibranium Shielding0%

Some cards are tied to specific characters, so it can be interesting to look at how often that character is taken with that card. Where more than one character is needed, the least popular character is chosen. Killmonger leads the pack, being most closely tied to his card. Ghost Rider, Hulk, Groot and Venom are tightly bunched just below, though I expect Ghost Rider to creep even higher in coming days.

KillmongerUsurp the Throne92%
Ghost RiderDeal with the Devil78%
HulkGamma Launch75%
GrootDeadly Duo75%
VenomLethal Protector74%
LokiSibling Rivalry52%
GrootWe are Groot50%
UltronThe Age of Ultron50%
M.O.D.O.KA.I.M Lackeys45%
Ebony MawShhh…40%
Proxima MidnightExecute36%
GamoraDaughters of Thanos11%
Captain AmericaThunderwave8%
Agent WidowProfessionals8%
ThanosPower of the Cosmos6%

There has been a big change in secures. With access to a new secure, Infinity Formulas has been dethroned. That, again is likely to be linked to the popularity of Defenders. Defenders lend themselves to crises that tend to bunch up, like the most popular: Gamma Shelters. Demons is also pretty popular and I expect it to be played a lot.

Gamma Wave Sweeps Across Midwest57%
Infinity Formula Goes Missing!51%
Riots Spark Over Extremis 3.051%
Demons Downtown! Has our Comeuppance come due?51%
Deadly Meteors Mutate Civilians38%
Portals Overrun City With Spider-People!29%
Cosmic Invasion! Black Order Sweeps Across Earth24%

In extracts, Hammers still rules the roost, followed by evacuees, with the others quite tightly bunched, with Skrulls as a slight outlier. The new “spell books” crisis is as popular as cubes. It is on the slower end of extracts and has a bias towards damage dealing. The beam it gives is great in Defenders, which again may be skewing the results up slightly.

Fear Grips World as “Worthy” Terrorize Cities68%
Panic Grips City as Evacuation Efforts Continue!50%
Struggle for the Cube Continues36%
The Montesi Formula Found36%
Alien Ship Crashes in Downtown!30%
Mystic Wakanda Herbs: Fact or Fiction?30%
Spider-Infected Invade Manhattan29%
Skrulls Infiltrate World Leadership22%

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