Online league season 3 roster analysis

The rosters have been submitted for season 3 of the online league. With 131 rosters in three regions, there’s a lot of data here. Here’s a breakdown of what people are taking right now:


Spider-Man (Miles)5744%
Ghost Spider5441%
Black Panther5139%
Baron Zemo4635%
Black Widow3930%
Green Goblin3527%
Spider-Man (Peter Parker)3325%
Doctor Octopus3124%
Captain America2922%
Infinity Gem: Mind2821%
Rocket Raccoon2721%
Corvus Glaive2620%
Infinity Gem: Reality2620%
Red Skull2519%
Proxima Midnight2418%
Infinity Gem: Power1915%
Ronan the Accuser1915%
Drax the Destroyer1411%
Ebony Maw1411%
Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.1310%
Ininity Gem: Time97%
Black Dwarf86%
Captain Marvel86%
Winter Soldier86%
Iron Man75%
Infinity Gem: Soul32%
Infinity Gem: Space11%

So Venom got popular! Having two brand new shiny affiliations seems to really improve how much a character gets taken. Speaking of which, Miles and Gwen are instant hits too. Looks like a lot of spiders are being taken in season 3. Both Peter Parker and Doc Ock who were languishing down near the bottom also got a shot in the arm. Hawkeye is the other more-recent character that pulls in a good amount of space in rosters. It looks like lots of people are turning on to just how Okoye is. She fully deserves to be as popular as she is. The mind gem just edges out the reality gem for most popular gem.


Web Warriors4635%
Spider foes2318%
Black Order108%

People didn’t submit the affiliation they intended to play. Instead I’ve looked at their team tactics card choice – an affiliated card indicates they intend to play that affiliation – and the characters – the presence of a Leader and at least two other affiliated characters made me categorise them as potentially running that affiliation.

Of the 131 rosters, 77 (59%) appear to be a dual affiliation roster, with the remaining 54 (41%) as single affiliation. Web warriors features popular character that are new, so it isn’t a surprise to see them topping the charts. Asgard is very high, but this may include the ability to play Asgard without the desire to – there were only 36 Odin’s Blessings after all. Some people may be taking Thor and two other Asgardians without the intention of playing that faction.

Team Tactics Cards

Field Dressing10076%
Brace for Impact9573%
Drop Off8666%
Lethal Protector4937%
All You’ve Got4232%
All Webbed Up4232%
Patch Up4031%
Odin’s Blessing3627%
Advanced R&D3325%
A.I.M Lackeys2418%
Avengers Assemble2318%
Sibling Rivalry2318%
Usurp the Throne2116%
Well-Laid Plans2217%
Wakanda Forever1915%
Cosmic Invigoration1814%
Web Barrier1814%
Blind Obsession1713%
Mission Objective1612%
Doomed Prophecy1411%
Rocket Boots?!1511%
Marked for Death129%
Gamma Launch129%
No Matter the Cost97%
Crew of the Milano86%
Deadly Duo86%
Daughters of Thanos65%
Tactical Analysis65%
We are Groot65%
Blood to Spare54%
Dark Reign54%
Follow Me54%
Uneasy Allies54%
Vibranium Shielding54%
Seeing Red54%
One-Two Punch43%
Trip Up43%
Psychic Shielding Device (P.S.D.)43%
Recalibration Matrix43%
Power of the Cosmos32%
Psychic Fortress32%
Second Wind32%
Heave Ho22%
Battle Lust22%
The Age of Ultron22%
Anger Management11%
Price of Failure11%
Till the End of the Line11%
Unearthly Rage11%

Well, Medpack appear to have won the battle against Patch Up, and in style – firmly relegating it to the second tier of cards. With a rise in Venom, comes a steep rise in the use of Lethal Protector. A lot of people seem to be drawn in by the lure of All You’ve Got, especially due to its interaction with Field Dressing. This feels like the “Rocket Boots?!” to Field Dressing’s “Drop Off” – it looks really good, but will it last the test of time? Only 15 Rocket Boots?! to 24 Proximas makes it look like that isn’t flavour of the month any more. Disarm saw some clutch plays in big games last season, and it’s seen an uptick in popularity, possibly as a result. It’s a great card against some of the big threats in the game.

Killmonger27Usurp the Throne2177.78%
Doctor Octopus31Well-Laid Plans2270.97%
Groot12Deadly Duo866.67%
Venom74Lethal Protector4966.22%
Ebony Maw14Shhh…964.29%
Hulk19Gamma Launch1263.16%
Loki42Sibling Rivalry2354.76%
Groot12We Are groot650.00%
Gamora13Daughters of Thanos646.15%
M.O.D.O.K53A.I.M Lackeys2445.28%
Proxima Midnight24Execute729.17%
Ultron7The Age of Ultron228.57%
Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.13Professionals323.08%
Thanos23Power of the Cosmos313.04%
Winter Soldier8Till the end of the line112.50%

News just in – Usurp is really good. In actual news, a lot of the Doc Ock loves might be tied to his tactics card with Green Goblin. That looks big, exciting and game swinging – if a little tricky to pull off. Groot more often brings Deadly Duo than We Are Groot, and around two thirds of Venoms can protect you. Thanos and Bucky are sad. I couldn’t bring myself to include Thunderwave in this – it would just depress everyone.

Crisis Cards

Extract Crises

Fear Grips World as “Worthy” Terrorize Cities9975.19%
Panic Grips City as Evacuation Efforts Continue!6347.85%
Struggle for the Cube Continues5642.53%
Spider-Infected Invade Manhattan5239.49%
Mystic Wakanda Herbs: Fact or Fiction4836.46%
Alien Ship Crashes in Downtown!4433.42%
Skrulls Infiltrate World Leadership3325.06%

Hammers stands out as the most popular extract. Everyone loves a hammer. It makes the hitty teams hittier and has four extracts for the teams that want to score fast. I’m still not sure which of those sides is advantaged more. The slower crises are the least popular, though I can see Herbs as an important counter chosen by a lot of rosters.

Secure Crises

Infinity Formula Goes Missing!10277.27%
Gamma Wave Sweeps Across Midwest7254.55%
Riots Spark Over Extremis 3.06650.00%
Deadly Meteors Mutate Civilians5440.91%
Cosmic Invasion! Black Order Sweeps Across Earth5239.39%
Portals Overrun City With Spider people5037.88%

A bit like with hammers, everyone feels better with more power, and that’s what Infinity Formula gives. It’s not surprising to see it up high. Gamma remains popular, but the three D shaped crises might be competing with each other a bit. The popularity of Asgard feels like it’s pulled up the representation of Deadly Meteors – they really are good on that crisis.


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