Does length matter? Movement in MCP.

Jacob is always doing cool tactical profiles, which I’m not qualified to write. But I did think up something that had been bothering me for a while and was tactical! So yay me, let’s talk about movement distances in MCP.

The key question I posed Jacob is just how hard up are the large bases in MCP who invariably can only move S. I had my handy cutting mat out recently and it is conveniently masked off in 1/2″ blocks. So I broke out some movement tools and spare bases and started pulling things out and comparing them. Good sport, Black Dwarf, made an appearance to ensure we knew which was the largest of bases.

First up we had the most straightforward comparison. The sad S stick with a large base, compared to what is considered the standard movement distance in the game: a M stick with a small base. As you can see Black Dwarf is actually not that far behind his small base imaginary friend. Just a 1/2″ less in distance and just under 6″. For reference, the size 3 range stick is 6″ long. So if I’m base to base with an opponent that has a size 3 attack, Black Dwarf can’t move out of range from it, but his little friend can.

I started to shuffle through all the available characters so far to find any anomalies that would be interesting to compare to. I noticed there were a couple of characters, like Corvus, that could move M but were on a medium base. Whoa, that had to be good for something. And sure enough, adding imaginary Corvus to the line-up shows that his movement is phenomenal, moving more than a 1/2″ than Black Dwarf’s imaginary little friend. That’s a full 7″, which is directly between the size 3 and size 4 range tools.

One last, and sad, comparison to make and that’s with the much aligned Crossbones. He’s the only character available that moves S and is on a small base. And man does his deficiency show. Remember, that Black Dwarf is just under 6″ moving his S, whereas Crossbones is only able to go a little past 4.5″. A difference of 1.5″ – yikes!

I hope you found these comparisons of distances illuminating, as I added in all the combinations available in the game so far. Turns out if you are on a large base, going S is, in fact, pretty close to average. No shame there. Hulk leaping that distance is thus a really big deal. Then there are the stars that are medium bases but move M as well – that’s really long distance and something to watch out for in-game.

I purposely didn’t measure out L moves because that stick is really much bigger than the M stick and only small bases use it so far, so it’d is an uninteresting comparison. That said, the distance is about 8.5″ which is longer than the size 4 range stick at 8″. This reinforces just how far that L move is in the game.

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