When COVID broke the world, Season 3 of the MCP global tournament came to the rescue

Hello true believers!  This is Dr_Norbert here, a roving reporter who has been following the exploits of Professor Xavier and his ramblings for a while.  (Personally I feel Jarvis is the real star of the show, but Xavier puts him firmly into his box.)  My passion is event organisation, and so I’ll send in missives now and again for some of the things I’ve been involved in.

If you are reading this on release of 10th August, then you are in luck.  Today registration opens for the 3rd season of the online, international league and tournament for MCP using Tabletop Simulator (TTS).  Now that was a mouthful, so hopefully you are sitting down eating breakfast and coffee in hand to allow me the time to properly explain this.

We are living in woe begone times, there is no argument there.  And the tabletop wargaming hobby has been one of the things hard hit, since it is best experienced as an in-person activity.  Where you can shake your opponents hand and see all the lovely painted models and terrain on a three dimensional table.  Alas that has to be put on pause for the moment, but the itch to keep playing this phenomenal game is still there.  And so, the wonders of technology were put to the task of recreating the MCP experience on the computer.

Lo was TTS adopted by a group of fans to recreate the MCP experience on a computer.  TTS is a relatively inexpensive computer programme that you can buy off Steam.  The MCP module is a free add-on to TTS that is lovingly looked after by a few stalwart members of the community.  They improve it every week it seems and although it won’t replace the live experience, it is a pretty good recreation.  In fact, some of its features you’ll wish you can have in real life.


I learned about TTS is at the tail end of Season 1, and so signed up for Season 2 where we had metas from the USA, Europe, and Australia competing in their own leagues for fun.  The top players from each region were then thrown into a single elimination tournament to crown an international champ.  My friend and local opponent Pat Dunford was just crowned the season 2 global champ.  (He’s been reprogrammed from Warmachine.)  It was such great fun, and I found it such a crucial means to grow this fledgling game, that I wanted to help out in Season 3.  The lads behind it all graciously agreed.


So I encourage you to join Season 3 if you have any desire at all to play MCP.  We have purposely designed the rules to accomodate casual and competitive players.  And we have designed it to hopefully accomodate many different player schedules around the world to make the event intermingle as many different players as possible across the global.  This will help us all improve our game skills, but above all, nuture and solidify a growing community of MCP players.

How will it work?  Just take a look at the rulespack for all the details.  Or you can listen to me talk to Omnus on his Omnus Protocols podcast for background information.  In short, we have three feeder leagues in different timezones.  Anyone from anywhere can sign up to whichever league’s timing is most compatible to their schedule.  So it’s not regional (although I expect many people from the same region will have the same free-time schedule).  That will go on for 3 weeks at which point you are allows to swap around your roster to play in the final 3 weeks of the league.  At that point, the top 2-3 players from each league will be paired into a single elimination tournament that will run for 3 weeks to crown the 3rd global champion.

As mentioned, registration is open now and is free.  Gaming kicks off on the 31st of August with the league lasting 6 weeks and the tournament 3 weeks thereafter.  We will be using Challonge.com to input rosters and track results, so register there too.  Finally news, announcements, and chat will take place in the Marvel: Crisis Protocol for TTS Discord server.  We hope you join and look forward to growing this great game together.  It will help tide us over until we can get back to this:


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