Why not to dual affiliation

Like everyone else, I’ve been getting excited by Web Warriors. An obvious fit seems to be a Web Warriors Wakanda dual affiliation roster, but I don’t think that makes the most of dual affiliation rosters. I’d like to explain why.

The benefit of dual affialiation

Choosing to make a dual affiliation roster is a big investment. It reduces your flexibility in team builds with your “main” affiliation and puts added pressure on you team tactics cards selection, with more affiliation cards vying for inclusion.

So what’s the benefit? For me I think the strongest argument for dual affiliation is that it gives you a greater breadth of crises that you feel you play well in to. Let’s look at an example.

Cabal has a few crisis they feel really good in. First is Infinity Formula, where they can run a strong double barrel style list. Next is Evacuees, where they are great at both dazing/KOing an opponent carrying an evacuee, and at generating power to evacuate them. Hammers gives them more dice to run with their daze/KO plan.

Those are the ones that stand out as being especially good for Cabal. That’s not to say they are bad on all the others – they aren’t – but those ones feel like you are playing with “Home Advantage”.

Adding in a second affiliation can give you more of those. Putting Asgardians with Cabal can add Deadly Meteors/Origin Bombs to that list, as well as playing well with hammers, giving two extracts and two secures you feel good on, ensuring you get one whether you are choosing extracts or secures.

Web warriors

Taking Black Panther – who gets up to obnoxious levels of difficulty to daze – and Shuri – to provide even more rerolls especially on those skulls – in Web Warriors is very appealing. This naturally leads people to consider taking a dual affiliation Web Warriors with Wakanda, as you only need to include one more Wakandan to make the affiliation component of the list.

But I don’t think it gives a sufficiently diverse selection of crises. Now, a proviso here – I haven’t played any games with Web Warriors yet, but it looks like they want to play a fast game, controlling people off secures and racing to an early lead. That is often the game plan for Wakanda, though they have a greater ability to pivot to a damage dealing game plan.

But it seems likely to me that Web Warriors will want multi-extract crises and non-meteor secures. They will play better in to single extract crises like Alien Ship (which I see becoming much more common with Thanos and Black Order rising in popularity) thanks to Miles, but otherwise the Venn diagram of ‘home advantage’ crises looms very like that of the Wakandans, and you could just include Miles in Wakanda. Maybe they don’t build a 15 gamma wave list like Wakanda, but there doesn’t appear to be a significant benefit to bringing a second affiliation if it’s Wakanda.

Instead, if I were building a dual Web Warriors roster, I think I’d build it with Asgard. Black Panther is great in both affiliations, so he makes an easy unaffiliated crossover character. But by taking Asgard, you expand your coverage of crises by a lot more and get access to some of the best characters in the game with Web Warriors.

Maybe after playing Web Warriors I’ll change my mind, but I feel you aren’t getting the most out of Web Warriors Wakanda dual roster.

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