Oscorp Weaponry

Another leadership ability that messes with dice maths! Atomic Mass Games did a panel to play on Green Goblin. His leadership Oscorp Weaponry, takes a bit of parsing, but I’m hoping to help you get a grip on how good this leadership ability is.

Timing is everything

It’s worth just looking at the timing chart to see when the defensive rerolls forced by the leadership:

The defender has to complete all rerolls and modify abilities – such as cover – in step 9 a. ii. before you force them to reroll using Oscorp Weaponry in step 9 b. i. As you’ll see below, that allows you to really mitigate cover abilities: sorry Rocket!

It’s also worth seeing your dice and their dice after rerolls before deciding if you want to pay to get them to reroll one of their dice. If you are using a Strike or similar power generating ability, you’ll normally ‘pay for’ the leadership ability 63% of the time – more often than with the Wakandan leadership at 50%.


One interaction I’ve noticed coming up in discussion is Venom.

The leadership ability does still work with Venom’s Symbiotic Instincts: it prevents the defender from modifying their dice, but you still can.


Before we dig in to the maths of the leadership, it’s worth looking at what standard defences looks like. These are good baselines you are familiar with to compare with:

This shows the chance of rolling one or more, two or more, three or more… etc blocks for a given number of dice rolled.

No ability

If you modify those numbers just with the leadership forces reroll,

At the low end, it equates to them having rolled one fewer dice: the spread of probabilities looks pretty similar. At the high end it’s two fewer.


I mentioned earlier the timing interaction with cover. Cover normally provides a huge bump to defensive spreads – see here for more detail.

The leadership reduces that huge bump you normally get to around the equivalent of an extra defense die.

Reroll 1

The maths on rerolling one looks very similar to an extra die: 3 reroll 1 is almost the same as 4 dice, but with a lower upside as the fourth dice can’t generate more dice, and you risk rolling no rerollable (hits or blank) dice. But it’s close enough that I haven’t included it for comparison for the sake of clarity.

Even with a reroll, the enemy reroll not only cancels it, but appears to reduce the defense down to one fewer dice. The chance of the defender’s reroll getting what they want is 3/8; your chance is 5/8, which explains that effect.

Blanks count

Adding blanks affects the maths a lot. Now your rerolls only get a positive effect 3/8 not 5/8.

The blanks count numbers are still good, despite your leadership, though lower than if you hadn’t used it.

Blanks count and a reroll

Not super common, but Okoye comes with this innately, and Wakanda can give it to Black Panther, Loki and Captain America.

It’s still a really good defense.


How does his Plucky Attitude fair against Oscorp Weaponry?

Not well. It goes from being similar to 4 dice to similar to two dice. Ouch.

Web Warriors

Finally, a grudge match. Web warriors have Spider Sense and Great Responsibility on top of 3 defense. They can also reroll fails a lot of the time – so that’s been assumed in this.

Yuck. It takes them down from around 6 dice equivalent to around 4 dice. That’s good, but it’s not what they are used to.

How good is it?

In short – really good. You only activate it when you need to and after you’ve seen the dice rolled and rerolled. A lot of the time it’s equivalent to then rolling one fewer defense die – or better! A leadership that said pay a power to reduce their defense pool by one would have people raving. This can often have a bigger effect on the maths, only needs to be used when you need it and doesn’t have to be declared before you see the dice. If you are a player that enjoys the damage dealing if Cabal or Black Order, you should be getting excited by this.

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