Great Responsibility

We’ve finally seen the Web Warriors leadership power, Great Responsibly in a panel to play on Miles Morales. It makes them better on defense, but how much better?

Rerolling fails

The first thing to look at is how much does rerolling fails impact the maths. The answer is a bit, but not much.

Given that the game is about getting and contesting objectives, it’s nice that you get a small bump for doing that anyway. I think it will feel more powerful than the maths says: when you do reroll those skulls, it’s going to feel really good. For the rest of the analysis I’ll be including this extra rerolls – if you want to see maths without rerolling fails, that’s something Jarvis can already do.

Rerolling one

Adding one defensive reroll is pretty much the same as adding an extra dice on defense.

That makes sense, as now you can rerolls fails, the only thing you are losing out on is that last dice being able to generate another die. So as a general rule of thumb, the Web Warriors leadership adds a die to all the defenses of those in the team.

Let that sink in a second. Ebony Maw goes to effectively 7 dice, as does Cap or injured Black Panther when using Vibranium super powers. Thanos goes to effectively 4 physical and energy and 5 mystical – and still gets to reduce by one. But there are some characters that get boosted even more.


He only has three dice across the boards, but in Web Warriors he gets to reroll two from his Spider-Sense and then one more from the leadership – and his nemesis of fail results goes away. That makes him really good:

His numbers look like about 5.5 def across the board. That goes a long way to explaining why he’s only 5 stamina each side.

Blanks count

Characters like Black Panther and Loki who can make blanks count on defense get even more out of this ability, to the extent that I ran out of simple comparators for how good they are on defense. You can see: it’s pretty darned good.

Giving Panther ‘better’ than 6 dice against energy and about 5 reroll any against Physical should give you some idea how good this is. It’s really good. Bear in mind you can have Shuri or Zemo nearby for even more reroll action, guaranteed if you are near a secure or holding an extract.


M.O.D.O.K. Is pretty defensive already – his ability to cancel wilds puts him up around equivalent to 4 def vs physical – but you have to simulate attacks to see the effect of his defense, as it modifies the attack dice. So here’s what it looks like when 5 dice and 7 dice attacks are simulated in to him with Web Warriors’ leadership:

You can see it makes him similar to having a vanilla 5 dice physical and 6 dice energy and mystic defense. That’s pretty tanky, especially when backed up with 10 stamina.

Running these numbers has got super excited to play Web Warriors. One team that jumps out in my head is three Web Warriors backed up with Black Panther – the super tank – and Shuri – to hand out even more defensive rerolls while doing her range 5 pushes. Obnoxious.

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