100 articles: editor’s pick

When I started Xavier Protocols I didn’t have any particular expectations, but I find myself writing now my 100th article. Here’s some of my favourite articles:


This whole project started with me trying to work out some M:CP maths. That culminated in trying to make a relatively simple to use odds calculator: Jarvis. He’s due an update, which is slowly happening and version 2.0 will add a lot of offensive options, including pierce – which is a real pain to get right.

Wakanda Wave

This list has been gaining popularity, and my own version of it has evolved slightly over time, but the core ideas remain the same. Played well, it’s a really tough team to beat, which led me to write an article on how to go about beating it. I do think the addition of Rocket Boots?! Drop Offer adds yet another dimension to it.

Black Panther

This was one of the most frustrating articles to write. Every time I made some progress on the maths, another option or interaction would occur to me and I’d have to start again. But the result gives some simple rules of thumb for maximising damage output with Panther.

Roster impacts

A lot my thought has been around building a successful roster. Whether that is based around building around specific crises like Deadly Meteors or a D-ploy, or just in how you select your third crisis – though my thoughts on that are still evolving: keep a weather eye out…

Growing a meta

This is more of the few articles that had AMG staffers reaching out to me to comment on my articles. I still thinks it’s important now – especially now.

Introductory articles

This is something that I plan to do more of – articles aimed at those getting in to the game. Here are some that will be put into a new category appearing shortly on the site.

And of course the community resources page, listing a whole host of other people to listen to or read.

My first article

The thing that started the whole blog was seeing a lot of people asking similar rules questions when the game first came out, so I wrote this. It stands up, and remains to this date one of my popular articles.

Here’s to the next 100

So it’s been a real learning experience for me. I largely put down thoughts to have to think through them and justify what I believe, and lots of you have reached out and given feedback or just said you enjoy reading them. So thank you for reading, and I’m looking forward to finding out what I’m going to write about next almost as much as you!


  1. I’m on the same boat. I recently started playing and painting, and you give a lot of useful information. Thanks for all the hard work put into it.

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