Rocket powered… everything?

Recently I’ve written a couple of articles about or including using Rocket Boots?!: one with Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive and one in Cabal. Now I’m finding myself wondering if everything isn’t better with it.

I’ve been discussing Rocket Boots?! Drop Off online, and was watching a great stream from Von Darkmor Gaming where the tactical options it gave the player with it were immense.

So I started considering putting in my primary list: Wakanda Wave. A really powerful play in that list is using Wakanda Forever to get extra attacks that push people off gamma shelters to score VPs. Often all you want is one attack, and I find myself wishing later in the game that I had Wakanda Forever to use later. This gives you a pseudo-Wakanda Forever, but for one person with a reposition thrown in for good measure. The cost of two cards is high, as that list has a lot it wants to use it’s cards for:

  • Wakanda forever – more pushes
  • Field Dressing – get a character back up
  • Advanced R&D – smoothes the power economy, especially for round one plays or 3 cost throws
  • Tactical Analysis – moving back on to shelters you’ve been pushed off wins games
  • Brace for impact – not taking damage is good
  • Patch Up/Medpac – healing damage you’ve taken is also good

Typically I’d take the first five, but tactical analysis fills a similar role to the Drop Off movement, so would dropping probably Brace for Impact (Heresy, I know!) to gain more pushes.

And anyone can drop anyone. Valkyrie could do it as part of a charge. Okoye, who normally feels at a bit of a loose end, can have a job to do and you aren’t that fussed if she gets stunned or staggered – compared to the other characters.

A nice side benefit is making the Ock vs Drax choice a bit easier. Drax outclasses Ock at everything except mobility (in the context of this list), and being able to make Drax fly at will goes a long way to helping the decision. At team selection, if terrain looks bad, you can keep Rocket Boots?! specifically for Drax and bring Brace for Impact back in instead of Drop Off.

I’m going to be testing it, but this feels like an upgrade to me.

Which worries me. Is this combination an upgrade to basically every list?

Yes, Rocket Boots?! has a down side, and yes, it takes up two cards, but the versatility of this combination is amazing. It allows you to pull off plays that are very hard to foresee, especially on tight crises like Gamma Wave.

Maybe I’m overstating the case. I hope so. But I’m seeing more and more hype and lists using it. This might be something that gets addressed in the Team Tactics Cards restricted list that will come out as part of the organised play document that we are expecting from AMG. L

From the AMG Crisis Event rules

Even then, you would still be able to take them together, as you can take two from the list, so other powerful cards would have to be included as well – like Wakanda Forever, for example – to make choices impactful.

I’m looking forward to seeing that list!

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