Loki is the answer

More and more, I’m finding Loki is the answer to a lot of questions I’m seeing across the table. This is only getting more true with the releases that are coming. I

Often in this game, matches come down to individual mini-battles: Loki has some great match-ups.


Probably the most common problem hitting tables right now is Thor. Just like in the comics, Loki does a good job of frustrating Thor. There is a very small window – about an inch and a half- where Thor is in range to For Asgard and Strike Loki, but out of range of his God of Mischief. Thor already struggles a bit to pay the three power cost of For Asgard: making it cost four power can prevent him from doing it at all. If he does unlike charge, for Asgard specifies he must make a Strike. Loki is able to Trickster away, turning Thor’s four cost super power into just a move if Loki was the only target.

When you do need to take a hit, even at 5 stamina, Thor can struggle to daze Loki if he has power to use I am a God! on defense, Thor only has a 42% chance of dazing him on his healthy side, even when factoring in the one damage from wild throws. On his injured side, it’s even lower, due to the lack of crits.

Of course you can always choose to Trickster away instead, especially if the first Strike lands a decent amount of damage.


Not only does Loki have 4 mystic defense, but he can count blanks on them. That Black Panther levels of good. He can also ignores M.O.D.O.K.’s defensive tech, as when those wilds get turned to blanks they still count!

Loki’s Strike is very effective for a 5 dice attack when I am a God! is activated.

If you can position him to swing twice at M.O.D.O.K. with I am a God! it gets even better. It’s pretty likely (76%) that the first strike will generate enough power to pay for the second I am a God!:

Really worth noting, is he has a 42% chance of getting 7+ damage. That’s relevant as if Loki gets Sibling Rivalried in to M.O.D.O.K., it is a straight three damage as M.O.D.O.K. gets no defense dice! A 42% chance to one shot M.O.D.O.K. is nothing to be sniffed at!

Corvus Glaive

Corvus Glaive with a reality gem is going to be a real terror on the table in the near future. Loki again seems to like that match up – not because he can take him down easily, but because he can pseudo-shock him by Trickstering awat and forcing him to rely on his Atom Splitter, rather than his Strike. In effect this is a bigger swing than one die, as the Strike has pierce as well!

Forcing him to pay 4 for Glaive’s Edge is nice, but a lot of players might forget that his normally free Husband of Proxima Midnight now costs a power!


Ah, yes: the inevitable shadow looming on the horizon. Everything I’ve mentioned about Trickster for Corvus and Thor doesn’t apply quite the applies to Thanos: Thanos can essentially use Cosmic Portal in response to Trickster, as the attack ends if Loki gets out of range. But it does eat up his power. That’s the key of Loki: Thanos will feel power-starved. That Cosmic Portal will cost 3, as will any reactionary Death’s Decrees. Running Loki to within 4 of Thanos is a really nice spot for him to be: it makes Thanos a much smaller force multiplier. Loki also makes Thanos pay to use the Mind, Space and Time gems:

It doesn’t add to the cost of the power – which Thanos doesn’t pay – it is power spent before the power is used.


Loki’s always been great against Avengers, turning off their leadership in a team that builds so heavily around it is great. Nothing new here, but it’s here nonetheless.

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