One good turn deserves another

Corvus Glaive and Proxima Midnight have a great super power that has some obvious uses and interesting interactions.

This article was inspired (and requested) by a number of the members of the Recalibration Matrix and Across the Bifrost Patreon Discord server. Go check them out.

This is great superpower, as it mirrors a team tactics card – Follow Me – but for no power and built in to the characters, so you don’t need to use a valuable card slot.

The obvious application is early in the round, these two bruisers can dish out a lot of damage, dazing or KOing a character before they can activate, but helping you to retain priority so you can do it again next round!

Just one turn

A key thing to point out about this super power is that the second activation happens in the same turn. The “before your turn ends” clause ensures that a number of fun interactions get thrown up.

The Avengers’ leadership cares about turns:

If a character has had the power discount in Proxima’s activation, they won’t get it during Corvus’ activation. That’s really relevant for defensive reactive super powers love bodyguard, Cap’s Vibranium Shield and Loki’s Trickster or I Am a God!

As they are both affiliated with Black Order, it seems likely they’ll see some play along side Ebony Maw and his excellent team tactics card, Shhh…

As you can see, if you Shhh… in one of the couple’s activations, it stays turned off in the other’s.

Venom also has a once per turn reactive super power:

By chaining activations in the same turn, you can deny Venom from applying bleed to both of them, or limit his healing potential.

Loki also has a reactive once per turn power:

Getting him to spend his power and daze/KO him anyway is great balance of power play, especially if you are gaining power from Strikes.

Living the dream

A fun thing to try and pull off with them is a triple activation turn. This only works in Cabal, with access to Cosmic Invigoration.

Corvus activates, triggers Proxima to activate. After her activation but before your turn ends, you play Cosmic Invigoration, removing the activated token from Corvus, then trigger Corvus to activate again all in the same turn.

You can take it one step further by using follow me (Corvus might have built up quite a lot of power in his four – or six with time gem – actions). Follow me means it’s still the same turn, you just get to activate a second (or third or fourth…) character in your turn, so all of the above interactions also apply to Follow Me.

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