Anti-Shuri play

Shuri has emerged as a force in the game. At three threat with range 5 auto-pushes and handing out rerolls off the power they generate. She’s really common to see in a team across the table, so here are some tips to help deal with her.

Character choices

Some characters come with built in anti-Shuri tech. Most of these relate to her free attack:

The huge impact of this attack comes from the Range 5 auto push. It’s great at controlling secures in particular, activating late in the round to push characters that have already activated off secures they are contesting.

Vision is the first character. If he phases for Enhanced Density, he can’t be pushed.

That leaves him on 2 energy defense, but Shuri’s energy attack only deals a maximum of one damage!

Both versions of Black Widow have stealth.

This denies Shuri the ability to push her off a secure from distance. If Shuri wants to get that push on Black Widow, she has to move much further up, exposing her to reprisals.

Finally, Crossbones has an interesting interaction with her.

If Shuri does damage to Crossbones (something with a probability of 89% to happen), then Crossbones gets to advance S – the exact same distance Shuri pushes him away. Shuri’s push triggers first, then Crossbones’ Aggressive.

Another of her abilities that can be powerful is Upgrades:

This can help keep characters alive when used on defensive rolls, but there is one character out there that prevents this: Venom.

Tackle the problem head on

Shuri is not particularly durable:

Fast characters with a charge-style mechanic can make short of her if they can get there. Ranged blasters might also be able to get two shots in to her.

A character that can make a 5 strength followed by a 7 strength attack has a 47% chance to daze her in one activation.

Baron Zemo is even better. Assuming a charge, Strike then Steel Rush, he’s at 53% to daze her.

Valkyrie can do a 5 then 7, but with a flurry chance and options to throw terrain or Shuri herself for a last point of damage.

But Thor, with two six dice strikes with wild throws, and then a size 4 throw is probably the best character at taking her out.

Crisis selection

Shuri excels on certain crises. There’s a good video here showing her threat on Gamma Shelters. She’s pretty good on Infinity Formula too, though she is confined to one battle corridor.

But Deadly Meteors is a tricky one for her. Pushing characters away from a secure doesn’t stop the opponent scoring them, but it does make it easier for the Shuri player to wrest back control of them. It does however put Shuri right on the line of engagement where she is very much in danger.

But probably the “worst” crisis for her is Extremis Consoles.

Even with Range 5, if she is camping on a console, it’s relatively easy to position your characters to be out of her ability to push without leaving her console. Her upgrades is well out of range to help any. It the largest bases that are contesting another console. Those two range limitations can serious reduce her ability to impact the game.


A simple thing you can do against Shuri is to position your character right next to terrain.

Because Shuri has to push away, Spider-Man can’t be moved, and will continue to contest the secure.

You can get a similar effect with other characters. Positioning a character directly behind another in line with Shuri stops Shuri from pushing the character that is closer to her without first pushing the character behind.

Spider-Man must be pushed before Captain America can be

Normally that’s not a problem, but if you have an ability like bodyguard, that changes the target of the attack, Captain America or Okoye can bodyguard the shot from Shuri, staying exactly where he is. If they are base-to-base, Shuri will have to move to make the angle at least 45° to shift Cap.

You get a similar effect for free with Rocket Racoon and Groot. Position Groot in front and Rocket behind.

Groot can’t be pushed away so long as Rocket is there, and Shuri can’t push Rocket as he will use Personal Bodyguard to change the target to Groot.

Hopefully some of these ideas will help you if you are having issues seeing Shuri across the table from you.

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