Painting Contest Results – To me, my X-men

This category was the open category.

Other categories:

Our judges, Dallas Kemp from Atomic Mass Games and Sorastro picked a winner and awarded gold silver and bronze. The criteria for these were lower than might be expected for The Worthy or the Crystal Brush, but were designed to recognise good and excellent home painting.

Winner: Justin Beech


Eric Nelson

Jeremy Lorimor


Aaron Sipe

Andrew Roberts

Austin Hankins

Been Aklef

Daniel Barker

David “Beastie Geeks”

David Lavictoire

Dennis Smith

Dylan Weihs

James Salyers

Jason McLean

Jordan Roberts

Julio Zenteno

Moshe Saricov

Randall Sanders

Ryan Farmer

Scott Turk

Warren MacNicol


Aaron Linley

Ben Andraka

Chris Foster

Christopher Halama

C.J. Menard

Greg Webster

Ingo Schneider

Jeffrey Hammer

Jesse Anderson

Jon Cohn

Jonathan Holt

Kev Tuohy

Kris Mitchell

Mark May

Miguel Lackups-Fuentes

Raymond Fox

Ryan Young

Scott DeCleene

Ugo Greevy


  1. Amazing Work, Congratulations to the winner, this being the first time in a real contest i was expectig more of my work, but silver is not bad, i will keep practicing for when a new oportunity arrives and i can participate again. Thanks for this!


      • oh, dont get me wrong im really proud and happy with the results i might just might had much expectations for my on work. it just i like it quite a lot.


  2. This is my first time in a contest and I was very nervous putting my work out there. Sincerest thanks to you and the judges for putting this on, I think it’s a great way to showcase our love for the game.


  3. I’ll take a bronze 🙂 Thanks for putting this on, and thanks to Dallas and Mark for judging 🙂


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