Cabal tier list

Second article in the series, looking at tier lists: this time the Cabal.

Definition of tiers

A reminder of the tiers I use:

  • S Tier – This character will make nearly all rosters for the affiliation.
  • A Tier – A character you will always consider, and bring most of the time.
  • B Tier – there are some good reasons to bring this character, but they may get left out.
  • C Tier – this character fits a niche, but you need to have a plan to include them. C tier does not mean they are bad, but they need to be included for a specific, narrow, plan.
  • D Tier – you are very unlikely to take this character.

S tier

  • Red Skull – affialition leader with a great leadership ability. Acts as support and power battery for the team.
  • M.O.D.O.K. – a real powerhouse with built in rerolls and control effects.

A tier

  • Baron Zemo – fast, cheap, hard hitting and gives out rerolls.
  • Shuri – generating 2-3 power per attack at range 5 to then spend on rerolls as well as auto-pushing.
  • Thor – a hard hitter that wants the power from the leadership to fuel his superpowers.

B Tier

  • Captain Marvel – really likes getting the power to chain Binary Form. Plays really well on the slower scenarios that allow attritional play to really help.
  • Ultron – an affiliated flyer for Drop Off and decent blaster
  • Rocket Racoon – cheap, shoots things really well.
  • Venom – does a lot of damage, likes getting power off his So Many Snacks. Combos nicely with being dropped off by Ultron.
  • Vision – each attack from his beam can generate two power. That builds up quickly for his throw or excellent Synthezoid Avenger.
  • Winter Soldier – can sit back and shoot, gaining power before laying in to characters with Red Fever.
  • Valkyrie – dishes out a load of damage, and brings a throw.
  • Star Lord – a cheaper blaster. Relatively reliable to get a Full Auto off as a second attack in the turn.
  • Iron Man – can often chain Friday AI, has good durability and really benefits from being played aggressively in the middle of the board. Wild pushes are gravy, but more likely with the extra Friday AIs.
  • Killmonger – in affiliation, some of the highest damage potential, and option to sneak VPs with Usurp the Throne.
  • Hela – chaining steal souls becomes much easier when generating power from the attacks.
  • Black Widow – fast, cheap, can grab extracts and hold them.
  • Black Panther – really solid damage dealing ability, durable and fast. He has the ability to spend all the power Cabal makes him generate.

C tier

  • Doctor Octopus – you might want his throw and getting a bit of extra power reliably can make it easier to turn on.
  • Crossbones – he is good, but he needs a scenario team built around him.
  • Hulk – loves the power generation, as he doesn’t have an inate power generating attack, but need to be built around more than pretty much any character.
  • Okoye – maybe you need a cheap bodyguard? She can really spike damage sometimes with Vibranium Spear Thrust.
  • Loki – struggles to compete at 4 threat, but has some unique abilities you might reach for.
  • Groot – durability is not a hallmark of Cabal, but maybe you need a solid anchor.
  • Spider-Man – Might be a consideration for a more control oriented list

D tier

  • Captain America – doesn’t have the big attack Cabal wants, and bodyguard for two power feels expensive when you are used to one. Okoye is your go-to Bodyguard, largely based on cost.

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