Easter Eggs

When the game first came out, the designers hinted that there were some Easter Eggs hidden in the rule book – and I think it’s become clear they hint at future releases. As it’s Easter today, let’s go on an Egg Hunt!

Go and read the rulebook again, come back to this page afterwards, and we’ll compare notes! Click on below to to see what I found.


  1. Venom has “wall crawler”, but his “S” speed means it has no actual effect on him. Probably some future proofing for a “wall crawler” affiliation.


    • There are a small number of reasons it does matter. Let’s say I play Tactical Analysis on Venom. With wallcrawler he can advance over or on to size 4-5 terrain. Without it he would stop when he contacts them, as advance is not climb.


      • That is true, but also very corner case. I also believe will mentioned in one of the twitch videos that it was there for something in the future.


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