Easter Eggs

The damage icon is a clear indication that Wolverine is going to be coming in the future.

Cosmic radiation, you say? That sounds Fantastic to me.

As for scientific alteration, there have been a number of genetically modified characters – Spider-Woman, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch all spring to mind.

“Devastating wave of destructive energy.” Hmm. That might be a generic description, but there’s one character that is called to my mind:

New worlds never seen in comics? Well how about in movies or TV shows?

We’ve seen the Skrull crisis, but escaped prisoners? Could be a scenario about a break out from the Vault or the Raft. Bendis’ Breakout storyline (New Avengers Vol 11, issues 1-6) might be the inspiration for a crisis.

We’ve already got the gamma shelters, but another secure scenarios with an entrance to a secret lab? Could be Hydra or A.I.M., or maybe Weapon X!

Avengers and Cabal were in the core set, and Defenders were confirmed at GAMA to to lead by Doctor Strange, so we can expect Dark Illuminati! Yes! Can’t wait for that one!

Not a spoiler any more but Thanos gets a nod here. And, you know, Superman.

Did you spot any more that I missed? Let me know!

Edit- some of you suggested I look in the Learn to Play rules. There were a few more hidden there!

Some extra text here – tears in the fabric of the multiverse. Sounds Strange to me – better call a Doctor.

Mentions of Carnage and Kingpin!


  1. Venom has “wall crawler”, but his “S” speed means it has no actual effect on him. Probably some future proofing for a “wall crawler” affiliation.


    • There are a small number of reasons it does matter. Let’s say I play Tactical Analysis on Venom. With wallcrawler he can advance over or on to size 4-5 terrain. Without it he would stop when he contacts them, as advance is not climb.


      • That is true, but also very corner case. I also believe will mentioned in one of the twitch videos that it was there for something in the future.


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