Getting Hulk Dressed

Hulk can feel like he underperforms. If he gets focussed on, he can go down quickly. If only there was a way to get one more big activation out of him…

I can’t take credit for this: I saw a Facebook discussion started by Stephen Killen asking if there was any reason Hulk couldn’t have Field Dressing used on him. Let’s have a look at how this card interacts with Hulk:

So Hulk gets 20 damage on him. He does gain a dazed token, as he has damage equal to his stamina, is on his healthy side and nothing says not to.

You don’t remove hulk to KOed until his card would be flipped: that happens in step 4 of the clean up phase.

That means Hulk is still on the table with a dazed token for the rest of the round. Not only does this have implications for where things can be positioned and thrown, but it means that Hulk is a valid target for Field Dressing.

Field Dressing is a team tactics card that removes a dazed token and heals one damage of a character. Hulk is suddenly back in action and incredibly angry. With 19 damage on him he adds 6 dice to all his attacks. That last hurrah you just bought yourself is going to be a big one.

Further to that, if there is a character within range 2 of Hulk with 4 power, at the start of your activation you can play Field Dressing and then choose Hulk to activate. That way they don’t have a chance to re-daze Hulk before he gets to activate.

After the ensuing rampage, there are a couple of other options that are appealing. Patch Up springs to mind, as a way to get Hulk to survive a bit longer, but Cosmic Invigoration is a risky but highly entertaining option. It’s hard to think of a better target for Cosmic Invigoration than a fully fuelled Hulk. You might daze your own Hulk, but you might get huge value out of him. If you wanted to try this, I’d suggest doing it on Extremis Consoles to provide another way of healing Hulk up as a buffer against the damage he might take from Cosmic Invigoration.

Getting an extra activation out of your Hulk, especially when he is high on power and damage is something that could easily swing the course of a game in your favour.

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