Untested Hulk Jank

These are some fun strategies that started as thought experiments and haven’t really progressed. Be warned: these may be just plain bad. But possibly hilarious. They all require a significant investment in terms of characters, tactic cards, power or all three. And of course a Hulk.

Hammer time!

You know what’s scarier than a Hulk? A Hulk with two Hammers. On turn 1. Hulk can deploy in range of interacting with one hammer, so getting that one is trivial. But another character can get thrown by Hulk’s gamma launch, grab a mid-line hammer, move back towards Hulk twice and then use Mission Objective to pass it to Hulk.

But to do that they need one power to grab it and now three to hand it to Hulk. So they need four power on turn one. A gem bearer like Loki or Star Lord can get three, so the final one will need to come from Advanced R&D. Even then, Hulk will need to have 4 power to Gamma launch and later pick up his own hammer, so the character playing R&D should have 2 power. Someone like Valkyrie seems a good bet.

On Cosmic Cubes, it’s a lot easier to load three on to Hulk. He can walk past one on his way to get the centre one. The other is picked up by a three power character (Gem bearer or Asgardian with Advanced R&D) and Mission Objectived on to Hulk.

Top of one Follow Me

Normally it takes ages to get enough power to play Follow Me, but if you really wanted to, Hulk can play it on Turn 1. If Thor is standing within range 3 of Hulk, Advanced R&D can get three power on Thor which he can Anger Management on to Hulk. If you Advanced R&Der has two power, Hulk even has a power to spare. Another option is to have Vision Synthesis and then Anger Management.

This might actually be good!

So, something now that could actually be decent. Vision can get 5 power on his first turn through using synthesis twice. With Anger Management, all 5 of those can go on to Hulk, which will also increase his attack dice by one. That gives Hulk 8 power. With one for Avengers Assemble to get him forward and 2 (reduced by Cap’s leadership) for Gamma Leap, he still has 5 to spend. That pays for a Strongest One There Is and a Thunderclap (at 6 dice), leaving a regular 6-dice strike. Alternatively, you could leave one on Vision so he Avengers Assembles forward himself too, and Hulk can power a Hulk Smash on a key target for 9 dice with a 74% of getting a wild for stagger and throw.

Hulk now has the power to Gamma Leap from his already advanced position to where he can Strike twice on 7 dice and still have enough for a throw. That’s getting value out of your 6 threat piece. Free damage on Hulk is not something you really want, but it can be mitigated with Patch Up or Bodyguard from Cap or Okoye.

Hulk in Rocket Boots?!

This one is from the diabolical mind of Pat Dunford from Across the Bifrost. Hulk with Rocket Boots?! gives him flying. He really really hates the stun and stagger he might get. But he loves the S move. But that’s not the jank. Now he can fly, he can use Drop Off. On size 4 characters. Like M.O.D.O.K.

Hulk can move up to Range 2 ahead of M.O.D.O.K. Then drop off M.O.D.O.K. way up field. 23.4 inches from your table edge. That’s going to put a lot of targets in M.O.D.O.K.’s range 4. With his free attack from Drop Off you Psionic Blast someone, hopefully gaining enough power to Doomsday Chair on M.O.D.O.K.’s activation.

If your opponent decides to try and take out M.O.D.O.K., that’s just going to give you more power for Doomsday Chairing. Round one, most teams won’t have power to reliably deal with a M.O.D.O.K. in their face. Or deal with up to 5 attacks from M.O.D.O.K. (Cabal strongly recommended).

If any of you actually try these, please let me know how it goes!

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