It’s obvious when you think about it…

Sometimes you think you know the rules, when actually you don’t.

I had been conditioned by years of war gaming, so that when I read one of the rules for Marvel: Crisis Protocol I thought I understood it. But reading it back just now, I realised I missed something vital.

And there it is: staring you right in the face.

You can choose any edge to be be your deployment edge. Because it is a 3×3 square, the player without priority could pick a side edge and be playing the game across the table width-ways rather than length-ways.

That opens up many more options for the non-priority player. This happens after terrain (the battlefield) is deployed but before scenario elements are put in place.

Now some of you will be be going:

But some of you out there, like me, will be going:


  1. [ Insert Mind_Blown_Reaction.gif Here ]

    That really is an obvious and very clearly worded rule, but decades of playing other games had me just assuming it worked otherwise.

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      • I previously misread the article, and commented. Thank you for sparing me. 🙂 Yes, after rereading, this makes a lot of sense and will be super helpful when using characters like Rocket (Size 1) and Loki (Trickster) who are dependent on terrain/LOS to help their survival.

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  2. […] All of this relies on Hela having a clear path, free of size 3+ terrain. There is a small amount of tolerance for going round things, but very little. If you don’t have priority, checking movement lanes for cubes is something that might be worth doing before picking sides, and remember: you can choose any side. […]


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