Hulk Missile

This way of using Hulk came up against me in a demo game I was running, and it pretty much straight won the game for them – I didn’t have to play down at all. It really got me thinking about what I wanted out of Hulk and how he can be used, so let’s dig in to what the Hulk Missile looks like, and why I think it’s worth trying in your games.

This is a way of using Hulk on extract scenarios with multiple Assets: things like Cube fragments, Spider infected and Hammers.

Some of these assets are on your opponents side of the table. In the Hulk Missile you send hulk right at the beginning of turn one to take and hold one of these assets, and ideally to contest a nearby Secure.

The idea is to steal an early lead in VPs that becomes insurmountable in the mid-game. By denying one of “their” Assets you get a VP swing of two. By contesting a secure objective you make them commit two characters to win it back, which messes with their early game plans

Getting there

Hulk can’t reach any of the opponent’s side objectives with enough power to pick up the object by himself. If he pays for Gamma Leap then he doesn’t have the one he needs to interact with the Asset.

Either Three S moves or two S moves and range 2 place (along with three 65mm bases worth) will get him here. He can’t do it by himself, but there are a couple things that can help with that though.

First is playing in Avengers. Cap gives a discount to super power so Gamma Leap only costs 2, leaving one for interacting. This has the advantage that Hulk can move up literally the first activation you take.

Red Skull can achieve something similar. By using an action for his Cosmic Cube power, he can use Master of the Cube on the first turn. This has the advantage that Hulk keeps two more power on him, but runs the risk of your opponent grabbing the Asset before you can get there.

Next is a movement card like Avengers Assemble or Tactical Analysis (though tactical analysis requires an Asgardian in the team to pay for it turn one). That gives Hulk the move he needs to get where you want him.

If you were really all in on it, Captain America could give a discount so Hulk can Gamma leap whilst still having a power left to grab the Asset in question then an Asgardian (say, Thor) could use Tactical Analysis, so Hulk could get out of dodge.

The other way is to give Hulk the power he needs to Gamma Leap and interact. Advanced R&D would allow any character to donate one to Hulk so he can do it.

Doubling down

Hulk is causing a real headache on side of the table. You know what would be really annoying? If you had a long mover who could double move to contest a secure on the other side of the table. Denying 2-3 VPs that your opponent was banking on turn 1 and scoring one yourself results in a big swing. Black Widow would do it well, and is more survivable than you might think, and only a 2 threat commitment. Spider-Man or Black Panther might make good choices too. Spider-Man with Avengers might be able to Web Line that one character on that secure off it for a real VP swing as he claims it.

The fallout

So you’ve pulled it off: stolen an asset you didn’t deserve and successfully contested with Hulk. The score might be something like 6-2 you successfully doubled down.

Hulk probably took some damage on turn 1, but with characters having to move in to range and only having one power on turn one, they won’t have made that much of a dent in him. However, Hulk is fairly likely to go down turn during two. But that’s actually fine. He is having a lot of activations focussed on him. He should still get a chance to attack back, and likely hit multiple opponents with his thunderclap, boosted by the damage on him. There is a chance he’ll survive through to turn 3 – but if he doesn’t, he will have soaked a lot of attention and forced your opponent to give away a lot board space by not advancing.

You, meanwhile, will have been free to focus on other things – like the other flank.

You will probably be down on attrition very soon, but so far ahead in scenario that it won’t matter.

I’m going to try this out more, but it seems like a promising line of play.


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