Turn 1 drop off targets

Drop off is a great card. It combines out of activation movement with an out of activation attack. Both of these by themselves can be really powerful, but together? They can be amazing.

There are plenty of uses for drop off beyond turn one, but it is a card that can not only be afforded turn one, but has some really good uses. Not only that, but the only real counter play your opponent has is to cede board space – a win in itself. Reliable tactics are some of my favourite tactics.

It is also a great tactic to counterplay against an opponent with priority who chooses an extract scenario with a central asset that they grab with the first activation of the game.


This is one a lot of people have already cottoned on to. Venom is on the slow side, but has some nice attacks. Getting him up early, and ideally a strike to power. He has reactive powers that allow him to attack and then heal which makes him a pain to remove. The only down side is that Ultron is currently the only size 3+ flier, so you need to include him too.


He’s not out yet, but he’ll be a great character to drop off. 6 dice is one of the biggest zero power attacks. From an advanced position he can easily use his two power to hand out shock to two opponents on his activation – applied turn one it’s going to give opponents some difficult decisions.


Probably my favourite. With the potential to push three characters that have already activated away from their secure objectives on turn one, you can potentially set up a scenario lead early doors that can make a huge difference at the end of the game.


He hits hard, but is slow. Getting him up in the action is where he wants to be.


Killmonger is a really strong threat. Dropping him up near the centre line towards the end of you first turn then activating him early in you second turn can help protect him – his defenses aren’t anything special, but two turns of hopefully getting two attacks should see him on a lot of power, maybe with a kill count token and presenting a big headache for your opponent.

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