J.A.R.V.I.S. is online

Over the past few months I’ve been crunching dice math numbers and using them to write articles. But really the articles have been a byproduct of building a dice calculator, I call J.A.R.V.I.S., or Jarvis for ease of typing.

Jarvis in the movies is the AI that goes on to become Vision. In the comics he’s a butler for the Avengers in their mansion. Either way, his job is to help you out and make your life easier.

Jarvis is a currently a google sheets document whet you can input your number of dice of attack and a defense, any rerolls you might have, if you have cover and if you have a defensive ability not already covered by those other options. Also the remaining health of the enemy character you are targeting.

It will then calculate the probability of getting the range of possible results:

You can then input another attack, either to compare it or to combine it, to see the probabilities of the two attacks in the same activation.

As it currently stands, it can cope with all the defensive abilities currently released in the game with two exceptions: Captain Marvel’s energy absorption and Ultron’s Wild counting double against Mystical attacks. Both of these are on the to do list, but require a new, larger round of number crunching.

So I’m plead to say that Jarvis is ready for a public beta testing. Use it. Try things. If you spot a bug, please let me know and I’ll try to fix it. If you have a suggestion for a new feature, let me know that too. A have a few planned already (see the notes tab of the google sheet).

As a google sheet, multiple users can edit it at the same time, so you might want to “save a copy” for yourself.

Finally, if anyone has the skills and time to turn this in to a web or mobile app, get in touch with me and I’ll happily talk tables and methodology!

To try it yourself, click here.


  1. The numbers displayed are formatted very strange. It looks like you have the probability displayed as doing exactly X damage, instead of at least X damage.

    I personally would prefer it formatted to show at least X, because that is how most in game decisions are made. Displaying a Str 7 attack no reroll vs Def 2 shows an 18.77% chance to do 2 damage, which is misleading. It is really a 81.16% chance to do 2+ damage.

    Thanks for your hard work and content!

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  2. Hey. Is there any way you could calculate odds of dealing damage via throws? We had a discussion yesterday about a series of Magneto throws and what the odds was of dazing a burning Miles. He had 5 health, 2 def, his spider senses and wakanda reroll against 1 size 3 throw and 2 size 2 throws. I argued that he probably would become dazed, my opponent argued that it was not lucky at all that he didn’t. I wonder if it’s possible to make these calculations in Jarvis.



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