Take Cover!

Getting cover is good, but how good? As well as a refresher on the rules, I’ll show you.

A quick reminder about cover rules:

Some things easy to get wrong:

  • You don’t get cover on dodge rolls, as they aren’t attacks causing the roll
  • Standing on top of a piece of terrain qualifies you for cover (so long as it meets the size requirement)
  • A few attacks ignore cover
  • A range 3+ attack can still avoid cover so long as the attack is made at someone within 2.

Some fun things to notice, as a defensive modify dice, this has some fun interactions with some attacks and abilities:

  • Pierce (like on Doc Ock) happens after cover, so can negate it. You each modify your own dice first (step 9) before you both modifying your opponent’s (step 10)
  • Effects that throw before damage can’t get round cover as they resolve in step 12
  • Venom prevents modification, so also ignores cover

But just how good is cover? Turns out, it’s pretty good:

What this means is that 2 dice with cover is comparable (but a bit worse) than 4 dice. 3 dice with cover is comparable with 6 dice for one or two blocks, and with 5 dice for more than that. And 4 dice with cover is significantly better than 6 dice.

Cover really does make a difference if you can get it, so when choosing your placement, bear that in mind.

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