Black Panther: tougher healthy or injured?

Black Panther’s Vibranium Armour changes when he’s injured. But does that make him tougher or easier to KO?

For the purposes of this, I’ll assume you have the power to spend on the Vibranium armour super power, so we’ll assume it’s on. You may say that’s a big assumption, but he’ll often be on Avengers with Cap, so it in only costs one, and he has to have built up power by being dazed. You may choose not to spend the power though – more in that later.

On his healthy side, blanks count as blocks. On his injured side, he adds two dice to his defense. But which is better.

To compare, I’m looking at 3 dice where blanks count as successes versus five dice and then 4 dice with blanks as successes versus 6 dice.

Against energy or mystical attacks, Black Panther has 3 defense. These two sets of results show that across a range of typical strength of attacks, adding blanks is slightly better: the chance of taking at least X damage is lower. But not by much. They are pretty close to each other.

The story gets even more pronounced against physical attacks. The odds can shift by up to nearly 8%

Factor in the fact you have to pay power to use this superpower on the injured side and it reinforces the fact that he’s more durable on his healthy side. Messing with the dice maths has more of an effect than adding two dice. If only there was someone that could do both…

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