Old Town shops: Scenery Review

TTCombat do a line they call Old Town. It’s intended for Wild West 28-32mm miniature games, but when I saw it, it looked perfect for Marvel: Crisis Protocol, so I picked up a few things. They have more modern stuff too, but more of that another time.

The Build

The build was pretty easy. As they are precision cut, all the bits fitted together well, with minimal sanding or shaving required. The little shops took about an hour and a half and the bigger shop took a bit over two. There weren’t any instructions for these online, but it was pretty obvious where everything went. The only bit you might get caught out on is getting the base orientated correctly. It has extra cut outs on that side to accommodate the facade detail.


A big question that comes up is scale. Although this is sold as 28-32mm, the scale is just fine.

I chose these building in particular as they have flat roofs. A lot of buildings I’ve seen have pitched roofs, and I can just imagine my models sliding off them. These have good detail on the front, sticking up to remind you that you do get cover while on the roof of a building but there is space for plenty of models on top.

The smaller shops make great size 4 buildings. Being low, it makes sense that you could see Hulk over them. The two story store is a nice size 5. Not too big on footprint, but clearly a sizeable bit of terrain that could (just about) survive a Hulk smashing in to it.

Liquor Store

This also came with a little crate, not pictured.

The liquor store comes with a choice of names, but you could always design your own shop name on the back of one of the signs before gluing on. There are some shop items that could be used as scatter terrain, or glued inside the shop.

The front is the best side with a good level of detail, though embossed windows all around make it interesting.

If you don’t glue the roof on, it fits tightly and is very stable, but allows you to get inside: other game systems may find this really important. The doors and roof hatch can be opened and – if you really hated yourself – hinged.

Blade Store

No choice of sign with this, but a logoed extra large crate, and some swords in racks. Dimensions are the same as the liquor store and the build was very similar. A stand that looks a lot like a sign that might be put outside will make some great size 1 scatter to add interest, as could the racks of swords.

Large Store

Again, a choice of three names, I open for the pun on Harrods. The two stories are easy to separate and do not need to be glued together, though it would be very marginally easier to store and transport if you did. One advantage of not, however is using the space inside the shop to store your other scatter terrain.

Possibly my favourite bit of the whole build of all of them was the staircase. It doesn’t need gluing and slots in nicely to the upper floor.

Hulk support puny staircase.

It comes with the same bottles as the Liquor Store, and a load of random bottles, packets and boxes that I haven’t quite figured out what to do with yet.


These kits, whilst being a little anachronistic, look good and really work well during game play. No lips on buildings, flat spacious roofs and clear edges make for a clean game.

You can find these kits and more here.

One comment

  1. Stick some HVAC units and/or a small satellite tv dish on the roof and *presto* anachronistic buildings go from looking out of place to looking like modern buildings. Especially if you have several of them in the same style (like you do) and avoid any other buildings with a radically different style.

    Brownstone style townhouses and storefronts just scream “New York City” to most people, so they’d look out of place with these smaller western shops (except, maybe Harold’s). But a couple of these western shops, with a few modernizing accessories, with a 1:48 scale pick-up truck in the parking lot and a few cacti in an empty sandy lot across the street? Congrats, you’ve just moved your Crisis Protocol game to Arizona.


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