Dark City Bundle: Scenery review

Multiverse Gaming – 28mm – 35mm Versatiles: Dark City Bundle

Streets are a very common scene in any sort of modern game. Having a modular set that you can mix and match and even build UP with different levels is extremely useful!

Let’s start with the build. These built up extremely fast as they are mostly large surfaces. You’ll have a large surface for the road and then a few large pieces that will form the sidewalks. And then some support around the side to prevent warping over time and to allow them to work their modular magic. I knocked these out in a couple hours with no issues whatsoever. I didn’t use clamps on them, though in hindsight I could see that being extremely useful during the drying process.

So the kit comes with 9 sections though I ordered a few extra ones as well since I have a few scenarios planned out for these. You get a good mix of road types here and even the straight streets have some variations with sewer grates.

Each tile is 1 foot by 1 foot, and all 9 can combine to form a 3 foot by 3 foot board. (Or other shapes as well)

These use a unique clip system that makes putting them together super easy and fast. The system also allows for you to build different heights as well! You can do level changes and even bridges between them. I can envision some cool downtown firefights with all the versatility these tiles provide. Sadly I didn’t order any kits that would allow me to do level changes, but I am hoping to change that in the future!

You can do some really interesting layouts just with this kit alone and it has plenty of spaces for buildings and other props, street lights, cars and other roadside scatter. Plus as the streets are sort of ageless you can use it in many time periods as well. Which really gives them some legs if you play in multiple game systems.

The kit also comes with some handy stencils making it easier when you lay down some traffic paint. This will be my first crack using stencils and I’m excited to try them out. It comes with a good mix stencil designs so you can really make your streets pop.

Add in some buildings and you have a vivid three dimensional board full of all sorts of interesting tactical scenarios. Rooftop fire fights or sniper coverage. Hiding and dashing between buildings from hordes of the undead. Ambushing a convoy rolling down the street. Escaping to a rooftop helipad for a dirty extraction. You are limited by your imagination and the kit you have on hand!

So I very much like this road system. They are extremely sturdy; I have about 12 tiles stacked on top of each other and have leaned on a few during play with do damage. They put together really fast and thanks to the clipping system are secure with no sliding around during play. They look to be extremely expandable both horizontally and vertically and I hope to experiment with that soon! If you need a versatile road system for your games I think you’ll be extremely pleased with these!

Find the kit here.

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