Retail Store: Scenery review

Another review from David Lockwood, reproduced here with his kind permission.

After a great response on my first review, I’ve decided to do a second one today! Don’t worry these will be spread out going forward!

Sarissa Precision – 28mm Retail Store Medium

Hello! So my second review is something that is necessary in almost all tabletop settings that take place in modern times: A retail store! Whether you are looting it, saving hostages or clearing mutants they are iconic and usually have good salvage!

This build was fast and easy, I had no issues with fitting on this one. I’d say the hardest part is the shelves and those weren’t all that hard, just gotta make sure you set the right so they dry proper and straight.

My favorite terrain pieces are ones packed with details and this doesn’t disappoint, especially given the price; It is designed for usability inside and out. It is a single storey unit consisting of 3 rooms. The main room is the shopping area, with a single door leading into this, but a large open store front. You’d be hard pressed to defend this spot given all the sight lines. The area is large enough to have a good, close skirmish in there and can easily be filled with scatter to taste.

Speaking of scatter this shop gives you a nice selection of it! The front desk area is genius and even has a built in display for those impulse purchases. It also comes with 4 shelving units that are great against walls or even back to back. The given amount of scatter included makes this kit playable all on it’s own!

There are two back rooms and both have doors that lead to them from the main store and from the outside. These would make for great stockrooms or break rooms. Lot’s of opportunities here to circle around and sneak in from the back of the shop.

The roof is removable and has a nice retail looking awning. There is also a rooftop access, accessible from a hatch located in the backroom. (In my excitement however I assembled my roof backwards and my hatch is now located at the front of the store. Make sure you read and align everything correctly so you don’t make the same mistake I made!) I always appreciate details like this, as being able to drop in from the roof, or scramble up to the roof to take shots on your enemies below is always enjoyable and adds another dimension of tactical consideration. The roof it also flat you can arrange it with rooftop scatter with ease.

Finally the outer walls all have laser etched details on them, which is much appreciated! It breaks up large sections of featureless walls and makes painting them up more enjoyable.

There you have it! As stated a retail shop is iconic in all modern settings and this one doesn’t fail to disappoint. The shop was an easy and fast build and comes with a lot of additional laser etched details. It also comes with a nice selection of scatter to arrange in the shop as you see fit. 3 rooms for playability and roof accessibility really make this an interesting piece for firefights. The building is scaled nicely and a good fit for suburban or more rural settings.

Click here to see the kit.

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