Distribution Warehouse: Scenery Review

David Lockwood recently posted this review up in one of the Facebook groups. He has graciously given me permission to reproduce it and some other of his reviews here.

TTCombat – 28mm/32mm Distribution Warehouse

The build took a good amount of time, about 4 hours for me but that includes removing the pieces from the sprues and sanding as well. I didn’t have any issues with fitting or warping, which is surprising given the size of some of these pieces. Building was a good bit of fun. The most difficult and tedious part of the build was the roof supports. When they are finished however, they look fantastic!

Roof supports

The entire build is packed with details, this is not just an empty shell. You can tell this building was designed to be used both inside and out. The building is a single large room that is easily broken up with additional scatter, of which it includes a fair bit: 3 Large storage shelves, a really neat forklift, 6 pallets and a loading ramp. A ladder leads to a catwalk which in turn can lead to rooftop access.

The Warehouse features two sliding bay doors; I sanded the side of my doors down just a bit to get a smooth fit. Other than the bay doors there are 3 other entrances: A front double door main entrance, a side double door entrance and a rear entrance. As usual I used small magnets here so that the doors can be closed and opened as needed during play. It also includes a sign that reads “Refined Pallets”, however I opted to not glue this sign on, as I wanted to keep the Warehouse versatile. I plan to magnetize a few different removable signs here for the various game systems I would be using this for.

Allow me to gush about the Forklift for a moment, what a fun little build that looks great. I’m usually not a fan of MDF being used for things other than structures. In this instance however they nailed it. It was super fun to put together, scales nicely and looks fantastic.

Right, it is also worth mentioning that the roof is a single removable piece that has a very cool support structure and also features two small suspended catwalks, great for ambushes I’d imagine. There are 8 opened windows along the top. I glued mine on, however You really don’t have to. They can sit on the roof just fine however might get knocked off during play and might make it just a bit more fiddly but likely more functional to not have glued.

Optionally you can choose to not glue the side walk to the main structure. Why you ask? Because the Warehouse is expandable! You can add on an additional Warehouse extension that essentially doubles the size of your building. Such a massive structure is ripe for interesting gameplay and is begging to have scenarios designed around it. But wait, there is more! You can also expand it with a warehouse office that connects to the front of your warehouse. I love the modularity of this and really hope to see more of it in the future!

The Distribution Warehouse is a big piece of kit commanding your attention and a good chunk of your table. The build wasn’t complex despite its size and I really loved the expandable nature. It is jam packed with details and accessories and makes a great centerpoint for designing scenarios and fire fights.

Find the kit here


  1. I’ve been reading your reviews on both the TTCombat and the Sarissa scenary, which of the two manufacturers would you recommend for Marvel: Crisis Protocol?
    Both are 28mm but I thought the Sarissa looked slightly smaller in scale than the TT.


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