Rules easy to get wrong

The rules set is pretty clean and clear, but there are few rules that might be unintuitive to someone coming to this game for the first time. Let’s have a look at a few:

Interacting with scenario elements does not use an action.

Despite being specifically called out at the end of the get started rules, I managed to play this wrong in my first play through. Interacting with scenario elements like cube fragments and extremis consoles does not require an action, but does cost a power.

Superpowers don’t use an action unless they specifically say they do.

Nearly all super powers don’t use up your action. Red Skull’s the Cosmic Cube power is a rare example of a superpower that does require an action. That means Spider-Man, for example, can attack twice and still sling all kinds of webs.

Within range 2 can be right at the end of the range stick

This is different to a lot of other miniature games, but so long as any part of the thing you are moving/placing/attacking is touching the end of your movement/range tool it is within that range.

There is no climbing “down”

The climb action is for when you first go in to a terrain feature that is bigger than you – climbing “up”. You ignore any terrain feature you start in, so you aren’t limited to moving S if you are already on a terrain feature, unless you also enter a new terrain feature larger than you.

Throws and pushes must move the full distance if they can

Unlike during an advance, the wording of throws or pushes do not allow for moving less than the whole move template unless you collide with terrain or another character. That means if you push of throw with a first action, they might be out of range of a second attack: watch out T’challa – your push effect is non-optional!

Line of sight can be weird

You need a piece of terrain larger than you to block line of sight to you. It is the size of the target that matters, not the size of the model making the attack. That means if Iron Man (size 2) and Ultron (size 3) are either side of the Daily Bugle stand (size 3), Iron Man can see Ultron, but Ultron can not see Iron Man. Ultron can of course claim cover if he’s within 1″ of it.

You get cover if you are standing on top of a terrain feature

Cover says you need to be within 1″ of the terrain. If you are on it, you are within 1″ of it. Remember you don’t get cover against attacks within Range 2.

Dice that reroll to a critical do not “explode”

The step that adds more dice to your pool for a critical result on the dice happens before the step that modifies dice – including rerolls. So re-rolled crits don’t generate more dice.

Standing on terrain only adds to size for line of sight, not movement.

If Black widow (size 2) is standing on a dumpster (size 2) next to the bugle stand (size 3) she still needs to climb on to Bugle stand (so move S) even though she is size 4 (2+2) for line of sight.

Throwing terrain vs throwing characters

When you throw terrain, you measure the range from the thrower. Think that they have taken the terrain on to their base before heaving it. When you throw or push a character, instead they move from where they are currently. And as noted above must be thrown the full distance, unless they contact another character or terrain.


  1. If Black widow is on the the Daily Bugle building (size 2 + size 3 = 5), would she have cover against another character (size 2) that is within 1 of the base of the buidling? Or does the vertical height ‘math’ make her “in cover”?

    Love this site. Best Marvel Crisis Protocol site on the webz! Keep it up, please!


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